We're the People is a 501(c)(3) charitable organization with application pending with the Internal Revenue Service. It welcomes donations to support its operations and programs. We are dedicated to voter rights through advocacy efforts and voter outreach through education and conversation.

We're the People believes that voter registration is just the beginning. We want to help potential voters take the next step by getting them to the polls, encouraging their friends to do the same, and facilitating passionate but respectful conversations about modern day issues. 



In 2016, 60.2% of eligible voters turned out to vote, only a 1.6% increase from the 2012 presidential election. 

In 2014, 36.7% of eligible voters turned out to vote, a 5.1% decrease from the 2010 midterm elections.

Voter apathy is a serious, but fixable, problem.

We want to increase the number of people who vote. There are three avenues we plan to take to achieve this goal:

Voter Registration Drives: First Step to Real Participation

  • Collaborate with Statewide Student Organizations to register college students

  • Voter registration pledges

  • Assist voters in finding their polling locations

  • Motivate voters to turn out for all elections through events & media campaigns

  • Register incarcerated voters in Maine & Vermont

  • Voting pledges

Voter Education: What am I voting on?

  • Partnership with schools to ensure youth education on voting rights education and highlighting current political issues without a political bias.

  • Provide resources to voters, online and at in-person events

Voter Turnout: Fighting Voter Apathy

  • Partner with elected officials to do town halls/info session to engage potential voters

  • Provide on-the-day support to voters who feel they are being intimidated at the polls

  • Policy advocacy

  • Fight voter ID Laws

  • Lobbying on issues that impact voter turnout

  • Lobby days w/student associations

  • Help student associations get legislators to sponsor bills related to voting rights

  • Increase access to non-English Ballots

While we will be working year-round to get the vote out for all elections, the midterms and presidential elections will be the nationwide focus. In off-cycle years, we will focus on methods of voter advocacy as well as reviewing out voter outreach to ensure the methods we’re using are finding as much success as possible.


“Your vote, your voice, is so important. Never underestimate that power.”

kim moffat  |  Founder



We’ll be spending 2019 focusing on voter education - from elementary school to post-schooling life, we believe that the better you understand how our election system works, the more likely you are to get involved!


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