The Supreme Supremes

This week we talked about recent, and important, rulings in voting rights from the Supreme Court.


Looking for more info? Check out what we’ve got going on down here!

The Supreme Court can be confusing, so here’s an overview of how the whole thing works:

Here’s some more info about the cases we covered this week:

Shelby County v Holder

And RBG’s dissent:

Husted v. A. Philip Randolph Institute

Texas NAACP v. Steen

NAACP v. McCrory

We also covered Gerrymandering, which is still confusing… I guess that’s why so few people fight it?

Here’s a great overview though.

Don’t despair though! Gerrymandering is on the ballot this year!

Here’s a little more info on those four types of Gerrymandering:

Finally, check out these examples of Gerrymandering:

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